Saturday, March 26, 2011


I can not watch t.v. for a whole week!
My school is doing a no T.V. week. I'm reading more instead of watching T.V.
It is kind of hard not watching T.V. for a whole week, because I like to watch some T.V.
Do you like watching T.V.?
I can do so much more things though, like playing with friends, practicing piano more, reading so much and I can actually focus better in school!
My mom read me a poem with CRAZY voices and it was funny.
Do you like reading books better than watching T.V.?

Bye I'm sorry I didn't write three things I'm lucky for


  1. I LOVE the books, but I also love me some TV. ;-)
    It would be hard to go a whole week, but I believe in you.
    As for things I'm lucky for: My brother and sister (add and bre took me on a date tonight). Blankets, because it is still SO cold. And the third is my adorable baby sister--your blog made me smile. And i love the pictures of you on the side, so pretty.

  2. LAILA! this is gina. i just found your blog so i am reading your older posts. i'm glad to know that you survived your week with no tv. i'm sure you wont believe this but Andrew (my husband) and I don't even have a TV. we do some times watch movies on our computer but not very often. i'm excited to read more of your blog. you can check out mine if you want.