Monday, June 18, 2012

Prayer works

 Happy Fathers Day picture with my dad....
My prayer works story..........

Me and  Heather went to Lagoon and our first ride we went on was white roller coaster. We hid my purse behind the garbage can and then we went on the ride. We thought it was so fun we went on it again. When we came back to get the purse it was gone. We were looking everywhere for it. I thought that I coUld say a prayer to help us find it. I told heather that idea and she agreed with me so I went into a corner and prayed. After the prayer, we were looking for a few more minutes and this worker comes up to us and asks if we have lost a green sparkly purse. The worker told us to never set something unattended  but then she told us that she was about to give that purse to the lost and found but she had a feeling to turn back and wait for awhile. We were so happy that we both agreed that we would say a prayer to thank Heavenly Father right when we got home. Well, that's just what we did. A little bit later, we went on Colossus. This time we put our bags in a locker by the ride.  There was like no wait at all! After that, we asked the worker if we could go on one more ride.  He said yes if it was quick because the lockers always expire (won't let you into it) after half an hour when you put it in. We decided to go on the Spider. There was no wait either! After we went on spider, there was no line in wicked so we went on that. When we got off of that ride, we went to the locker again. I guess it was expired because we couldn't get inside the locker. We asked another worker and they said it would cost about five dollars to open it back up again. He took out something in his pocket. It was his wallet. Me and heather saw that he had no money. Just then, there were these girls and they just got assigned to that locker. We got our stuff and were so happy we called my mom to tell her about it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ballet Performance!

I think I was pretty good at the dance. I made some mistakes in the dance because I was way nervous! Well, NOT as nervous as my friends at dance.

I was in a ballet performance at Bountiful High School. It was Cinderella. I was a girl at a dancing lesson. I don't know how that tied into Cinderella though. 
If you know Heather Kofford, I was in it with her. She was a girl at a dancing lesson too!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

President's Day Weekend

 The Welch girls are going to get ready to look like Eskimos! Well, at least we all were warm. My hands were so numb though! ha ha
 All of us looked like eskimos when we went tubing at Soldier Hollow. I looked like an eskimo more though. Every time we went down a hill all of us had a bunch of snow in our faces. That was really fun. I hope we get to it next year too.
Me and Becca can totally funny it up! This was at our sleepover. My mom made us take silly pictures! I guess it was part of our deal. We'd take silly pictures and she would get us Arctic Circle fries!! It was a good deal.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

That is my Valentine card I sent to my family and my friends. Do you get it? I think it's really funny and clever!

 Landon and I wore our hats sideways on Valentines day. We made those hats that very day too. Mine say Wove T-woo Wove and Landon's didn't say anything. He just had three hearts on his.

This is me and Landon writing letters to 2 of my brothers serving missions. One is in England and the other is in Michigan. We made hats like this also. We used markers and markers to create those letters! Did you like my joke with markers and markers?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am 10!!!!!

These are some fantastic AKA: weird pictures of me before I turned ten. How crazy do you think I look? I think I look hilarious in all of them!
1: Some of my siblings and my mom worked together to redo my room

2: One of my cousins, Savannah Bentley, came over to have a sleepover

3: Dad bought me some Arctic Circle fries before we went to the Jazz game

4: Going to the Jazz game with my dad

5: 2 brownie mixes that I got from my family ( my mom never lets us buy brownie mixes)

6: Got Where the Red Fern Grows and Anastasia DVD's

7: Spending time with my family all day

8: Dad bought me one oreo shake from Arctic Circle

9: Got to wear my new Sunday dress and new church shoes

10: Getting to be with my family forever even if they aren't with us physically

First Jazz Game

  I have never been to a Jazz game..... Dad took me to see the Jazz vs the Timberwolves.....  THE JAZZ WON!!!!!
 It was very fun watching the dancers on the court during time outs, half time, and end of quarters
This was something that I wanted to do since I was 5! I can't believe my dream came true. I think a lot of people that are reading this are thinking why I've never been to a Jazz game before, that's because my parents stopped going to the Jazz games when Monson (my youngest brother) started playing basketball.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My birthday and my room getting redone!!!!

 For my birthday I got to get my room redone! These are the before and after pictures

Purple and Green to Pink and Brown